Gratitude as a Practice
Rebecca Sira
Join me on a 31-day journey of exploring Gratitude as a Practice. Most days, from Sept. 21-Oct. 21, I’ll draw in silence on Instagram (@rebeccasiraart) as I reflect on that day’s gratitude prompt. Everyone who collects the daily gratitude cards here will have a chance to win my interactive workbook, “Color Your Way to Gratitude.” Anyone who collects all 31 cards will automatically receive the workbook! There are other ways to win as well, such as subscribing to my newsletter at, posting your gratitude images on social media and tagging me and Virtualness, using the Virtualness AI generator tool, and following me on Instagram and X (@rebeccasiraart). This project all started when I realized that I've been neglecting the simple joy of being in my studio, freely making marks without any pressure to create sellable art. I noticed how unhappy I was and decided to use brain science and flip my experience into something more positive and productive. What's special about this gratitude practice is that you don't have to be an artist or create a masterpiece. Instead, it taps into the power of neuroplasticity, our brain's amazing ability to adapt and grow. As you doodle and reflect on gratitude, you're forging new connections, giving your brain a much-needed workout. So, no need to worry about crafting a flawless masterpiece; just enjoy the process and the space it creates for exploration. I hope you’ll join me by watching, drawing, and sharing! I’m grateful for you!🙂