Rebecca Sira
As a multidisciplinary artist fascinated by the convergence of art, science, and technology, I explore the profound potential of art as a metaphorical gateway for self-reflection, connection, and personal growth. My latest collection, titled "Soulscapes", delves into the importance of staying connected to our authentic selves in an ever-evolving reality and the rise of world-defining technologies. It captures the inherent link between our inner selves and the external world, encapsulating the essence of navigating this dynamic existence. The vibrant paintings in this collection fuse digital abstract art with carefully curated elements from abstract acrylic paintings, creating something truly unique. Each piece serves as an archaeological bedrock for the creation of something new. Rather than releasing an entire series at once, I am embracing the evolution of the "Soulscapes" collection. Gradually adding to it, I welcome the uncertainty of its destination. In our highly customized and curated world, this approach allows for exploration, embracing the unknown, and presenting my work without all the answers.